Monday, December 13, 2010

old chinese puppets, oil

seattle back yard, oil

me in studio with red plaid shirt, oil

me in studio with purple vest 2, oil

pot holes, WA. oil

coptic me, oil, 2009

dave pena model, 2009, oil

yantai beach 3,4, pen ink, watercolor

yantai beach 2, pen ink, watercolor

silver tree copse, oil

tim and susan's field , oil, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

oregon road, oil

twisp house, walnut ink, 03

china drawings, yantai 1,2,3, 2002

willy, pencil, 2006

miriam, pencil, 2006

long long, little river, 2006 pencil

little river, walnut ink, 2002

industrial nj, charcoal, 2009

model in beach scene, oil 2009

me, pencil pastel, 2005

shandong beach pastels, 2008 1,2,3,4